Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Apology Part 2

We're trying. Honestly, we are. Sometimes, it just doesn't go the way we want it to.

Stop by at the end of this week for our conclusion, and the launch into our world of INANE LOGIC.

Click. Read. Enjoy. Tell your friends.


Chris said...

hahaha, niiiice.

moca said...

funny. i like. = )

Alex said...

I don't normally like fourth-wall breaking comics, but you guys are breaking it in class and humor.

Keep it up. I eagerly await the next strip.

Anonymous said...

I kind of got lost with the way the speech bubbles are placed. Dizzyingly lost. Maybe smaller text, so it doesn't seem to crammed?

-Chadd said...

anon - After reading the first two online, we've decided to ditch the primary format of the three/four panel strips, with this exact reason being a big factor in it. We had a lot of dialog, so we had to try and place them as easily as possible, while trying to keep the images in a size small enough to not have to scroll.

alex - thanks! One of the fun things about comics, and creating them, is realizing that "fourth wall" is there, but using it to bring readers into the world, so that you have a made-up universe that can make fun of itself.